Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012

'90 denim

Hello!!! How are yooouu??? ? Hope you'll be fine :) me? a little bad :( Sorry for latest post , I get too busy with my school activities, its pretty hard to get used to it maybe my lateness cause my blog ratting gets low and low because my followers get less and less, isn't it? I doesn't have time to post my daily look or just to visit my blog even yours. It still hard for me to get used to a senior high school schedule. Because go home in the afternoon its hard to manage my time, I super tireeed and i have so much homework to do and another activity in senior high school soo i need to take a rest for a while :( i miss my old activity anyway, and this is just a quick post for me i hope you can enjooy it ;)

“the best make up is smile.
the best clothing is confidence.
the best accessory is positive mind”