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As of August 2012:
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Want your product to appear on my blog?
If you own a shop or brand, kindly to send me pieces in return for exposure. Clothing sent to me will be personally styled in outfit posts as soon as posible (within 7-14 days).

so, my blog officially accepts a sponsorship
there's 3 kind of sponsorship programs
1. Barner Ads Sponsorship
the cost of your ads have to be paid every once a month
 (prefer to get pay by a goods)
2. Giveaway Sponsorship
you can attend a giveaway via my blog
i will post about your giveaway via my blog and for the giveaway rules depends on us
3. Apparels Sponsorship
you can send me your items ,and i will wear it on my post (your link will be appeared too)
 you can send it every once a month or just once
if you send it once a month ( routinely ) you'll get a free barner ads too as long as you send it
4. Paid Promote on Instagram
I will promote your product/company via instagram.
by a picture that you send to me
I'll post a picture on instagram for 5 hours and
 it will be cost. Rp 200.000,- ($20)
or you can send me your product and
i will give you a good review also post it on my blog with extra cost Rp 100.000,- ($10)
P.S : every items which have been sent , can't be returned 
if you have any idea for sponsorship program
you have any question / interesting to be my sponsor,
the product can be anything, it can be food, glasses, watches, perfume, dress,etc

please contact valeriayonas@gmail.com

 Valeria Yonas       

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