Kamis, 14 November 2013

What's HOT now!

 TWEED is so in right now. You can pick a dress, a jacket or even a tweed skirt, and you'll look lovely in one second. Tweed was not to make people seem really old. So do not be afraid to wear clothes made ​​of tweed in your daily activities. I advice, try to choose a black tweed that fits in the body so you look more beautiful. Still confused how to mix and match it? Let's stole their look!!!


Chino Pants is also in right now ! Its not just for formal events,but you can mix it with tshirt or even sweater! And dont afraid to play with the colour!


and the last is........ yup Snapback!!!! Its never goes wrong! Its not only for protect your head from sun but is also can make you more fashionable

So are you ready to be chic and fashionable?

Kamis, 17 Oktober 2013


Are you try to find a high quality dress with a cheap price? 
Do you want to wear a dress like a celebrity but do not know where to buy it? 
Don’t worry guys efoxcity is your answer! 
This online shop provide a high quality dresses with comfortable material, colorful, trendy and also with inexpensive price! 
They can make you look more elegant, young, chic and classy. 
Is not only dresses that they sell, they also sell tops/blouses, sweaters, cardigans, suits, jackets, coats, pants, skirt, and leggings and they also have a good quality. 
But!! beside that they do not just sell clothes for women, they sell men's clothing and jewelry as well. 
I swear they have fabulous stuffs and they are very trusted 

Don’t forget to check this out : 

V-Neck A-Line Chiffon Giuliana Rancic 84th Oscar Awards Dress EF2014E 


Selasa, 24 September 2013

Being a Teenager is not Easy!

Hello Guy,
I am back, finally
 I  have been busy since
  started the second grade on the social major!
tons of homeworks and exams are waiting for me!
but besides that, I also do not forget to do some refreshment
so my post is about what I'm doing when I do not blooging for a long time

This picture taken when I attended my friend's 17th birthday party

This picture taken when I have a dinner with my friend

 And I love concerts some of those photos were taken when I go to a
concerts. are you look at these picture? can you
see that the man with the saxophone look right into 
my camera, can you imagine??! I'm so plased!

Before I end up this post,
I want to tell you my feeling
I am sick of everything, everything is fake nowdays!
I was a fool to believe everybody who take 
advantage of me and talk behind my back
but may be it was my fault , because 
my personality didn't fit with them
but seriously, why they should be faker ?
and the saddest thing thatI have been
 separated  with all my best friends,
 we are in a different class :')
I feel that I don't have any motivation for this year without them in my class but,
Love me or hate me or judge me, either way you make me famous :)

Thanks for reading
and visit my blog
Hope you guys enjoy you day!
God Bless ♥