Selasa, 24 September 2013

Being a Teenager is not Easy!

Hello Guy,
I am back, finally
 I  have been busy since
  started the second grade on the social major!
tons of homeworks and exams are waiting for me!
but besides that, I also do not forget to do some refreshment
so my post is about what I'm doing when I do not blooging for a long time

This picture taken when I attended my friend's 17th birthday party

This picture taken when I have a dinner with my friend

 And I love concerts some of those photos were taken when I go to a
concerts. are you look at these picture? can you
see that the man with the saxophone look right into 
my camera, can you imagine??! I'm so plased!

Before I end up this post,
I want to tell you my feeling
I am sick of everything, everything is fake nowdays!
I was a fool to believe everybody who take 
advantage of me and talk behind my back
but may be it was my fault , because 
my personality didn't fit with them
but seriously, why they should be faker ?
and the saddest thing thatI have been
 separated  with all my best friends,
 we are in a different class :')
I feel that I don't have any motivation for this year without them in my class but,
Love me or hate me or judge me, either way you make me famous :)

Thanks for reading
and visit my blog
Hope you guys enjoy you day!
God Bless ♥