Sabtu, 19 Juli 2014

easy way to shop!

 there's many way to shopping 
like going to mall but you have to entered the store 1 by 1.
that so exhausting
but in 21 century shopping is so easy. 
there a lot of online shopping and offered many thing. 
Online shopping is easily done just through your laptop 
and even your smart phone to buy it. 
do you know ZALORA? 
Have you tried shopping in ZALORA?
 Seriously you should try it!
 This online shop provide a high quality with newest trend.
 They also sale lot of branded thing like Mango, Lee Cooper, Minimal, etc
I swear they have fabulous stuffs and they are very trusted. 
check them now!
and also check their panties collection !!!

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Happy shopping guys :)

Minggu, 18 Mei 2014


 wanna look fancy with kenzo eye clutch? 
you dont to buy it, you can diy by looking at this tips
ready girls?

What you need are :


What you have do are : 
1. draw the eye sketch

2. Pour acrylic paint to a plan and then start painting the eye

3. Do it twice !

4. give the mod padge to the eye, to make the colour stick on it

 So tadaaaa, KENZO eye clutch diy

inspired by ILOOK

Senin, 31 Maret 2014

Girls are Born to be Pretty!



 hello guys,
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they also have fabulous phone cases
accessories, and many more
in a low price!
i wish i could buy all of them!!
also check their store

the agent is super friendly
so what are you waiting for?
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 photoshoot by @yaisthaadewi

Minggu, 23 Maret 2014

HOLY baliii!!

This post will talk mostly about Bali. 
actually i went there on February this year,
yap it is a month ago, but well yea.....
i'm not too exiting when i want to went there, 
bacause i have fight with my father a day before i go
but when i went home i also did not want to go home 
because Bali is such a nice place to chill.
So enjoy!

we went there by a bus for a day
so tired

an then we have to across the
borderline by ship

arrived at hotel finally
(at Puri Nusa Indah 2)

selfie with tour guide

 they took when i was in Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK)
so hugeee, jesus christ!

  in there we met indonesian artist
when me and my geng want to took picture
with them, suddenly, all of my friends join us
so yea so crowd back there-__-

next, its when i was on Kuta Beach walk
and Tanah Lot

and the last picture selfie with my father
 i complety forgot where it is, 
but its in some temple

actualy there so many photos
that i wanted to share
but you know why..
So thank you so much for reading 
have a good day